“A close family friend recommended Lake Meridian Montessori to us when our 4 year old daughter was struggling socially in her preschool program.  She said she was lonely and she wanted to make a friend.  We cannot say enough about what a wonderful year our daughter has had at Lake Meridian Montessori.  The individualized program has proven to be invaluable to our daughter who has not felt lonely at all since enrolling.   She is thriving socially and has fun playing with children in her class and in our neighborhood.  The academic curriculum is challenging and the teachers are nurturing, which was among our top priorities for our preschool program. Our daughter has just blossomed at Lake Meridian Montessori.”

– Kelly Sovar

“We are thrilled with our experience at *Montessori Time. What a find! Our daughter is growing and learning so much, and we feel we have found just the right environment for her, full of warmth and caring. The teachers are experienced, and their approach is very thoughtful. The classroom is prepared just right for the students, and there’s so much for her to explore and learn with. I feel I’ve learned as well about how to support my daughter’s education. We’re excited about sending our second daughter to *Montessori Time once she’s old enough.”

– Petko Family

“We love *Montessori Time, and our daughter loves it even more. She is very excited every day to go to school, to explore new experiences and nurture her newly acquired knowledge and skills. The Montessori method and the teachers here help her to become very mindful of her environment and the people around her, working together with other children as well as helping others. The diversity of the children in this school also enriches her young life. We are glad to have her enrolled in this school.”

– Setiawan Family

“Sending our sons to *Montessori Time has been one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents. We have been so impressed by the amount our boys have learned and grown under the guidance of the dedicated and caring staff. We love that *Montessori Time focuses not only on academic skills, but also has given our sons tremendous self-confidence, independence, and a love of learning. Every day brings a new sense of wonder and delight. We wholeheartedly recommend that you send your child(ren) to this amazing school.”

– Howes Family

“All three of our children attended *Montessori Time and are far better off today because of the complete experience offered. Ms. Rita and her staff go far beyond teaching your children; they engender an environment where children can be kids yet establish the foundation of tools that your kids will need for both education and life.”

– Sluys Family

“From the moment I first visited *Montessori Time, I knew it was where I wanted to send my children. The cheerful environment and professional staff immediately captured my interest. Both of my boys have thrived at the school. What I like most about the school is the individual attention that they give to each student. They focus on the needs and abilities of each individual student versus the class as a whole. I believe this is the best way for a child to start his or her education. The lessons learned at *Montessori Time apply to more than just school work, they are life lessons that benefit both the children and the parents.”

– Hanscom Family

“My daughter started at *Montessori Time when she was a a few months shy of turning three. I knew she needed to be in a preschool setting but was worried that her age would make it hard to find a school. I checked around and found that Montessori Time is very reasonable priced for a Montessori School and I have been so impressed by *Montessori Time. They have been so patient with my daughter and have worked with her to teach her the rules and structure of the school day. My daughter looks forward to school every day and asks to go on weekends. She loves her teachers and tells me all the fun things she does at school. She especially loves the music time and has become our little soloist around the house. I love that they have a Spanish program. We are greeted with many “Holas” these days. I believe that every penny of our tuition is very well spent.”

– Gunter Family

“Our daughter has loved *Montessori Time since the very first day she set her foot in the school. She is always looking forward to the different activities (music, Spanish, show & tell, birthday celebrations) and to seeing her teachers and friends. It was really difficult to explain to her the purpose of summer holidays last year! *Montessori Time School has such a beautifully diverse environment and the children cover such a wide spectrum of topics that it is really broadening our daughter’s horizons. I love the calm environment, the strive to create self-confident, independent individuals, and last but not least, *Montessori Time’s own work towards continuous self-improvement! Our daughter’s younger sibling will be joining her next academic year.”

– Hemstad Family- Zendejas Family

“*Montessori Time was a great first educational experience for our son. He was able to explore, learn, ask questions, and think at his own pace. He was able to manipulate various educational devices and try new things. MT not only cares about the education aspect but the whole child. They daily cultivate manners, thoughtfulness, kindness, acceptance of others and good hygiene. Our son always waits until everyone is seated to begin eating…’because that is good manners’! Every child is a unique and special gift from above and MT truly embraces the individuality and uniqueness of each child. My son thoroughly enjoyed his first ‘school’…what more could we as parents ask for? He enjoyed the guided independence that *Montessori Time offered. He loved having Spanish class, Music class, field trips and as a Kindergartener ‘special Fridays’! We would recommend this school to anyone! The dedication of the owner and staff is remarkable–thank you *Montessori Time for teaching and caring for our son!”

– Zendejas Family

“We love *Montessori Time! Naturally, we were quite anxious when we sent our first child off to preschool, but we quickly became at ease once starting *Montessori Time. The teachers are great and provide a warm, nurturing environment where the kids feel comfortable while learning. We are currently sending our third child there and he is doing very well, as have our other two. The non-competitive nature of the Montessori method has made learning a fun and positive experience. At *Montessori Time, we truly feel like part of a “family” and I would highly recommend the school to anyone and everyone looking for a quality preschool.”

– Aramaki Family

“Our twin’s Kindergarten experience at *Montessori Time is very positive and rewarding. We always talk in our native language at home. When they started school we were so worried about them. They seemed “behind” in their communication skills, disengaged from others, but in just a few months, they tremendously excelled because of the incredible personal attention and commitment Montessori Time provided them on a daily basis. Their personal growth, improved confidence level and thirst for knowledge is a direct impact of the wonderful learning environment *Montessori Time creates. My twins have grown to love learning. They enjoy the hands-on projects and the freedom to choose their activities. They have learned to cooperate with others and resolve their own conflicts. My son is advanced for his age and is allowed to work at a challenging level. In this school each child is an individual. These are just a few examples of the Montessori-fostered attributes in my twins. We are very pleased and impressed with the care and attention my twins receive. Our deepest appreciation and thanks to Miss Rita and her staff  for providing a nurturing, encouraging, comfortable setting full of enriching activities that complement each child’s learning style.”

– Pamma Family

“Our daughter started at *Montessori Time this year at the age of three. She has thoroughly enjoyed her first year of preschool. We were amazed at what she was able to learn both educationally and socially. The Music and Spanish part of the program are a great compliment to the curriculum. The environment is very conducive to learning and our daughter is very eager to return every day. The staff is very professional and work wonderfully with each child at their own pace. Our daughter especially enjoys the many field trips and in school visitors. We look forward to next year the learning opportunities that will be afforded her.”

– Woodward Family

“Montessori experience has been positive for our daughter who will be entering her second year at *Montessori Time. We are happy with how much she has learned this past year in Math, Reading, and Practical life. She has a great teacher who really brings out the best in her.”

– Juma Family

Lake Meridian Montessori, formerly known as Montessori Time has changed ownership. All of the teaching materials and curriculum will remain the same.

“If teaching is to be effective with young children, it must assist them to advance on the way to independence.”

– Maria Montessori